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For the love of it

"Through my photographs I wish to share what I call "big emotions". Emotions that make you to take an extra deep breath or that makes time stop for a moment. Emotions that make you feel alive. That changes  perspectives or touches something deep within.That fills you with inspiration and love for the world around you. Or that just reminds you to appreciate the beauty in life's little things"


Felicia has been an artist her entire life. Growing up in the depths of
the Norse woods on the west side of Sweden, she has an unusual eye
and deep appreciation for beauty whichever the source;
people, animals, nature, design, art, words, colours or lights.
Through photography she has found a way to fuse it all together,
wether through capturing a beautiful photograph, or by creating it.


Her genuine care for people makes her especially passionate about
creating images for families, couples and individuals that captures
the personalities and intangible moments shared between people.

"I want you to see yourself through my eyes and realise how beautiful you are"


With background in marketing and advertising to both B2B and B2C, Felicia has a
strong interest and experience in what businesses want and need for their
marketing, and the strategies of how to get there. This coupled with her
experience in film production and storytelling makes for a rare combination
of creative and analytical skills available to your advantage in creating
powerful images of your brand.

"Let's tell your story and make your audience connect with
your brand, your products and your vision."


For bookings or a free quote please
contact Felicia Pettersson below:

Phone: +61450 098 895

Email: pettersson.felicia@gmail.com

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